Saturday, April 12, 2014

Susan Wright Lifetime Movie

The movie Blue Eyed Butcher is a Lifetime Television made for tv movie that is based on the case of Susan Wright. The real case occurred in 2004 in Houston, Texas. The movie debuts on March 3, 2012.
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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Susan Wright: Cases Similar to This One

Thanks for the idea commenter. I would like to keep a list of cases that are similar to the Susan Wright case. The commenter suggested that this case might have even inspired the Jodi Arias case. 

Jodi Arias: This trial is going on right now. There is also a movie in the making based on this case.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Susan Wright Self Defense Case

Susan Wright thought that she finally had everything she always wanted. She had the perfect home, the perfect yard, and by all accounts the perfect marriage...or at least that is what everyone thought. Inside the home Susan Wright's life was hell on earth.
She was born in Houston, Texas, in 1976. She was a home body. All she wanted was to be a wife and a mother. She worked in cosmotolgy for a while, before deciding that she wanted to be a nurse. In 1997, she met Jeff on a beach trip. They hit it off instantly. There was a seven year age difference between them. At first she thought that he was too old for her, but she felt that she was able to overlook it, since he was very nice and attentive in the beginning. Jeff felt that he had found the woman that he would marry. Before, he met Susan, he was a heavy drinker, partier, and at times there was substance abuse. He felt that Susan slowed him down and saved his life. He proposed in Oct 1998, and Susan was already eight months pregnant. They were married two weeks later. They spent their honeymoon night at the Outback Steak house, but they were very happy. They bought a nice small home in a very neat neighborhood. Jeff worked in flooring. In 2001, they had their second child named Kailee. Susan stayed home to take care of the house and kids, and she always had dinner on the stove when he arrived home. She wanted to be the pefect mother and wife. She gave her friends and neighbors cooking and cleaning tips all the time. Susan's friends described their life as a real life Leave It To Beaver.  In 2002, they seemed to have a very stable life financially. Jeff was shopping for a new truck for Susan, and they were planning on building a home. 
But, by January 2003, Susan was fed up with Jeff's behavior especially his substance abuse. She confronted him and told him that things needed to change. She told him to get help or she was leaving. He then attacked her and disappeared from the home according to Susan. Two days later Susan Wright and her mother went to the police and told them that Jeff had been abusing her. A warant was issued for his arrest. The police continued to search for Jeff, he was not showing up for work, and he didn't call his family. This was unsual for Jeff. His truck was also in the driveway. On January 18, Neil Davis showed up at the Harris County Constable. He gave the police his business card, and told them that he was Susan Wright's attorney. He also told the police that he knew where to find Jeff's body, and that they should contact him once they had recovered the body. The police immediately arrive at the home of Susan Wright. As police continued to search the home, they noticed the master bedroom was in disarray. Part of the wall had been freshly painted, the matress and boxspring was out of the room, and right outside the bedroom door there was a small area that had a patch of dirt. Jeff's body was found face down in the dirt. Stab wounds could be seen on the body. They knew instantly that they were looking at a spousal abuse/spousal murder case. Neighbors watched in disbelief as Jeff's body was recovered from the yard. Susan was charged with the murder of her husband. She bonded out the following Monday. Susan never denied stabbing her husband, but she always maintained that it was self defense. Her attorneys were confident that they could win the case. But, the prosecution haa lot of physical evidence. Susan stabbed her husband 193 times. It was overkill. There was a lot of anger and rage there. The wounds showed that he was not attacking Susan at the time the crime was committed. He was tied down and lying on the bed. Susan dragged his 250 pound body to the hole that she had made for him. During testimony, the defense showed proof that Jeff Wright had been charged before for the simple assault of a former girlfriend. But, that was not enough to convince the jury of self defense. The facts just did not support self defense. It was clearly pre meditated. She lured him, seduced him, tied him up, and stabbed him. Susan Wright tried hard to portray herself as a proper lady, but the prosecution demonstrated to the jury exactly how Susan seduced Jeff. A background check indicated that Susan had worked as a dancer at a gentleman's club. She danced for two months as she put herself through college. This really helped the prosecution. The prosecution tried to prove that Susan killed her husband for the insurance money. After five hours, she was found guilty of second degree murder. The jury believed her story about being physically abused. She was sentenced to twenty five years.  She appealed her case, and had her sentence reduced by five years. Her children Bradley, and Kailee are living with Jeff's brother and they have not talked to their mother since her conviction.

She stabbed him in the eyeballs
There was a superficial slicing to the private area
On the stand his father cried, and described Susan Wright as evil. As he cried he stated that he could not understand how it was possible for another human being to do what she did.

The media dubbed Sue Wright the Blue Eyed Butcher

Susan's story has been featured on Snapped and an article entitled 193 by Skip Hollandsworth, Texas Monthly

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Homicide Victim Jeff Wright

Here is a photo of Jeff Wright and Susan Wright with their children Bradley and Kailee